Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New King and Queen Takes England's Throne

The former king of England, King James II, has been removed from the throne by Parliament. Parliament would was willing to tolerate King James because they expected James' Protestant daughter, Mary. and her Dutch husband, William of Orange, to succeed James to the throne.

In June King James had a baby boy, which upset Parliament.King James was a Catholic King of A Protestant Nation. Parliament didn't want James to raise his son to be Catholic so that England would not be ruled by a Catholic Dynasty. To deal with this Parliament invites William and Mary to take the throne. When William and Mary arrived Ja,es misteriously disapeared.

Before taking the throne William and Mary, whom are equal in power, were required to swear they would obey all laws of Parliament, which they did. What will they do in the near future? Will they be kind, just rulers or will they be like King James? Find out this and more in next weeks newspaper.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Salem Witch Trials

In Massachusets there is a town called Salem. There have been reports of people using witchcraft. The first person accused was an African servant by a group of teenage girls. The girls said that they saw the the devil hiself pointing to the African Servant sevant, saying that she was a witch. The girls claime that only they could see him. More accusations were later made, accusing local villagers of being witches. So far 20 "witches'' Have been executed. Will more people be accused, and if so will they be found guilty? More information will be brought to you in next weeks newsletter.